No limits to satisfy your need.

TAC Transportes always searches for perfect routes so road transport is carried out quickly and safely. For this, it has a large fleet of trucks and a specialized team, which plans the best routes, tracking the cargo from the source to the final destination, keeping the customer informed in real time. When the subject is national road transport, count with TAC, here you have the tranquility of always being on safe routes.

  • Loading cargos by TAC professional;
  • Drivers and vehicles homologated by the risk manager;
  • RCTR-C insurance coverage and when required RCF-DC;
  • Vehicle tracking by satellite;
  • Special and tested routes;
  • Customized projects;
  • Transportation LCL and FCL (full cargo and part cargo);
  • Shorter transit time;
  • Real-time delivery position information;
  • Hazardous Chemical Transportation;
  • Transportation DTA;
  • Transportation of DTC;
  • Transportation of cargo with ANVISA’s consent;
  • Total insurance coverage.

TAC Transportes completes its range of services, by also offering transportation of part loads, when few volumes need to be taken from one point to another in the country. It also has an advanced warehousing and distribution service. Through an efficient logistics network, TAC Transportes offers customers the fastest and most cost-effective solution in the transportation of part cargo, with a modern tracking system providing customers with real-time information, with customized reports that facilitate the logistic of the customer.

  • Monitoring Loading by TAC professional;
  • Drivers and vehicles homologated by the risk manager;
  • Vehicle tracking by satellite;
  • Special and tested routes;
  • Customized projects;
  • Shorter transit time;
  • Cargo Expedition;
  • Real-time delivery position information;
  • Real-time proof of delivery provided with the recipient’s data.

Trust those who really know the value of your cargo.

To complete its range of services, TAC Transportes offers suitable locations for storing the customer’s cargo. With upright storage, handling in and handling out. The warehouse of TAC Transportes is equipped with WMS system, with optical readers, and counts on more than 4,000 m2 of an area.

When it comes to accommodating the order, the customer has the confidence of who really understands the value of his business.

  • Full container pick-up at ports;
  • Unloading container at the warehouse;
  • Merchandise movement;
  • Empty container return to depot;
  • Cargo expedition;
  • Warehouse system WMS (makes addressing, mapping, and control stock of the stored load, through the data collectors);
  • Separation, qualification, and labeling;
  • Security and alarms monitored 24 hours (Security).

Committed to excellence and customer responsibility, TAC has extensive expertise in DTA and DTC. TAC is among the few companies in Brazil, allowed with the release of customs transit with unlimited merchandise values from the Federal Revenue Service, ensuring agility in the process. With total insurance coverage, even of the suspended taxes. In addition to operating for large national and international companies, we serve from large to small businesses with total dedication.

    • The release of customs transit with unlimited merchandise values;
    • Loading follow-up by TAC professional;
    • Drivers and vehicles homologated by the risk manager;
    • Vehicle tracking by satellite;
    • Insurance with full coverage;
    • Customized projects;
    • Shorter transit time;
    • Shipment of Merchandise;
    • Representations serving at various ports and airports such as:

– Ports of Itajaí, Navegantes, Imbituba, Itapoá, São Francisco do Sul, Santos (São Paulo) and terminals in Joinville.
– Airports of Florianópolis, Guarulhos, and Campinas (Viracopos).


The ultimate solution for anyone who produces, transports and distributes hazardous and polluting products.

Environmental 3.1.1 is a cargo insurance with integrated coverage and environmental assistance, with an emphasis on prevention and management of the emergency response process.

Advantages of Environmental 3.1.1:

  • A single policy with coverage for damages to cargo (accident and theft), environmental, moral, third parties (final and unappealable) and legal assistance *.
  • Structured contingency processes (emergency plan), according to standards established by the client in accordance with the NBR.
  • 24/7 service center.
  • Wide service network: subsidiaries strategically distributed throughout the country.
  • Standard of care with uniform actions regardless of the region of the occurrence.
  • On-line real-time monitoring of the claim with SGS Pamcary.
  • Cleaning, conditioning, transportation and final disposal of waste.
  • Salvage of cargo and determination of losses.
  • Root cause analysis of accidents, with database generation and knowledge to prevent future events.

Table comparing the advantages of Environmental 3.1.1

Environmental Insurance 3.1.1** Other cargo insurance on the market
One interlocutor Ok
Insurance of loads with environmental cover Ok
Viewing of the online claim Ok
Central service and operations 24h, 7 days a week Ok
Wide self-service network present throughout the national territory Ok
Local environmental assistance, certified with ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Ok
Environmental legal assistance in contracting insurance Ok
Elaboration of an emergency plan for the transportation of pernicious and polluting products Ok
Training of the transport of dangerous and polluting products Ok
Emergency Response Simulator Ok
Consultancy on standards for the transportation of dangerous and polluting products Ok
Support for the projects of the Institute Caring for the Future Ok

** Insurance optional and upon request