Transportes Andrade and Cruz – TAC Transportes – was born in 2003 not only as a company that was loading and unloading products but also as a dream to offer intelligent, integrated and quality logistics solutions to the market.

A goal envisioned by its owners whom, during years of experience as clients of transport companies, realized the opportunity to create a company focused on meeting the needs of handling goods in an agile and integrated way.

TAC Transportes has become a reference in road transport of full and part cargo throughout Brazil, to have a complete operational structure, a tracked fleet, and also flexible and flexible delivery times.

TAC has been achieving good results annually, as a consequence of assertive investments in information technology, quality management, automation and customization of processes, and constant training for its team.

The distribution center of TAC Transportes is located in the largest warehouse complex in the Itajaí Valley region, near the ports of Itajaí and Navegantes, and distant 500 meters from BR-101, the main entrance road of Santa Catarina´s state.

Based on the philosophy that ‘Dreams never grow old’, TAC Transportes continually invests in improvements to keep its essence prevailing: “to offer intelligent, integrated and quality logistics solutions to the market.”


As outlined in the Code of Conduct, TAC seeks to minimize its exposure and its employees to any breaches and sanctions imposed by current legislation, in addition to reducing the possibility of damages to the business and its reputation.


To become a solid economic company, to keep our staff highly trained and responsible people in order to obtain the trust of our clients.


To be a market leader in logistics solutions for multimodal transport.


To make businesses that uphold moral, ethical, legal, and sustainable values.


The Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of integrated elements in the company, that act as a gear to meet the quality policy and the objectives of TAC Transport, making the logistics process more efficient and meeting the expectations of customers.

TAC Transportes QMS was audited and certified for the first time in 2010 with the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard. On every update, the QMS is recertified. This certificate of excellence confirms the commitment of the entire team, with the high standard of quality in the service, in the services provided and in the processes performed.

Quality policy
  1. To prioritize agility, quality, and safety, seeking continuous customer satisfaction;
  2. Acting responsibly with the health, the safety, the environment, and the quality;
  3. Define intelligent management plans and strategies;
  4. Invest in training and development of the staff;
  5. Strengthen relationships with partners and suppliers;
  6. Constantly seek to increase the net results of the company;
  7. Commitment to compliance with the laws, requirements and governing statutes and sustainable social growth of the community.

TAC Transportes has a complete operating structure in order to offer you quality and agility in complete and consistent logistics solutions.


TAC has a culture of active participation with the needs presented to society. It believes in sustainable growth, supporting social projects, based on ethical, moral and human values. Since the beginning of its activities, in 2003, the company has strengthened its Social Responsibility culture.

TAC Transportes supports initiatives such as the Association for the Support of People with Cancer (ASPC) – a non-profit organization that serves people of all ages, with the aim of providing support and minimizing the difficulties of treatment and improving the quality of life during this process.

TAC Transportes also supports institutions such as the Poly Institute, which has a social, cultural, educational and sporting focus, focusing on children. Encouraging social integration, voluntary spirit and human development, as well as the empowerment of children and young people.

Other initiatives such as “Armazena Amor” also receive the support of TAC Transportes. The transport company makes donations of basic monthly baskets for the project to distribute to impoverished families in Itajaí.

The commitment of TAC with social responsibility has been recognized every year through the “Social Seal”. Itajaí City Hall´s program certifies and recognizes companies that honor their commitments to the care of employees in the areas of: education, health, child labor, and the environment. This year, TAC was awarded with 10 ODS.


With the aim of always providing the best service of road freight transportation, TAC Transportes is constantly improving. Always ready to meet the demands of our customers with an agility that surprises.

Certified by ISO 9001, it has full authorizations from the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to transport special cargoes and it is also in the process of implementing SASSMAQ for the transportation of hazardous products.


Safety and experience are the foundations for effective results.

At TAC Transportes meeting the needs of customers effectively is a constant with daily improvement. Some primordial attitudes make TAC a reference in transport in the region:


Personalized service responding to the specific needs of each client.


Flexibility to the needs of the market, carrying out transportation in different modalities to suit the reality of each customer.


A specialized team always looking for new training to better serve customers. At TAC, professionals perform their functions with passion and motivation, always aiming for customer satisfaction.


Strategic planning that guarantees the best results and cost-benefit to the client. Agility and constant quality to positively surprise the customer during the provision of services.


Environmental insurance. The definitive solution for those who need to transport and distribute dangerous and polluting products. Environmental Insurance is a cargo insurance with integrated coverage and environmental assistance, with an emphasis on prevention and management of the emergency response process.


Risk Manager. With structured processes of contingency, cleaning, packaging, transportation and final disposal of waste in accordance with NBR. With a single central service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These are some of the many solutions that TAC develops on a daily basis to build a trusted partnership with the customer and add more efficiency to their logistics operations.